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No Car Needed

Holiday priorities focused firmly on eating out, not driving around? Pino Golf, our Elviria apartment for rent is worthy of a look. Can we really say ‘no car needed’? Well yes we can, and in this short post we’ll give you a number of reasons why you don’t need to book that holiday rental car.

Image: Infographic-No-Car-needed.jpg

The infographic visualises the steps for considering a car free holiday:

1. You are starting with a reasonable budget
2. Decide if you can live without the car
3. Establish the local transport network
4. Research the proximity of amenities

5. Plan out interesting activities (bars restaurants)
6. Book as soon as you see a good deal
7. Keep a copy of all your essential documents
8. Set the countdown timer in your calendar

But firstly, why would you want a car free holiday anyway?  Well, you may be on a budget. Or simply, it may be that you want to forget all about driving for a couple of weeks and not have to worry about navigating your way around a foreign country.

Your challenge

Let’s say you consider Pino Golf, Elvira for your holiday destination. It is so close to amenities, we challenge you to try and not to stop off for a cold beer (or glass of wine) on your 5 minute walk to the supermarket. It is often said it isn’t a good idea to go shopping on an empty stomach.

Image Map of Distance from Elviria Rental Apartment to Nearest Supermarket 5 Min Walk
Image Map of Distance from Pino Golf. Walk from this Elviria apartment for rent to the nearest Supermarket in 5 minutes

Whats the Transport Network like in Elviria?

The transport network in Elviria is excellent. Our second map shows how close the taxi rank is in proximity to our second supermarket (a 7 minute walk from the apartment if you are carrying a rock). And guess what? You’ll find more bars and restaurants on the way. The taxi rank is literally 1 minute from the shopping centre in the direction of the A7 (main road).

The bus stop is less than 1 minute behind the taxi rank, and buses frequently go to the centre of Marbella. Just in case you have concerns about catching the bus, don’t! They are spotless, and the drivers are really friendly.

Pino Golf Elviria Rental Apartment Amenities Taxi
Image Map of Distance from Pino Golf to a larger supermarket & taxi rank. A 7 minute walk.

So in conclusion, there really is no need for a car if you decide to book your holiday rental apartment in Elviria. Ridiculously close to amenities, it is self catering in its finest sense. And if you don’t fancy self catering, there are more than enough bars and restaurants in and around the shopping centre to satisfy even the most discerning of tastes.