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Elviria is a residential area located on Spain’s eastern coast boasting spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. Luxury real estate abounds in this beautiful area, making it a desirable option to explore.

On the subject of investment, Elviria is an attractive option for buyers, as it provides easy access to Marbella. That means there is a wide range of activities for both locals and tourists alike. Golfers, food lovers and beach-goers will all find something to suit their tastes. Additionally, Elviria’s wide appeal is likely to make it popular for those looking for convenience and prestige.

What then, if anything would make elviria an attractive area for property investment?

Prime location – Being situated in Elviria, Marbella, Costa del Sol gives access to all the wonders this region has to offer. It is an ideal location for those who want to make the most of their stay in Spain. Elviria is a beautiful area located just East of Marbella. It has the perfect combination of beaches, golf courses and natural parks, making it an attractive spot both for tourists and people looking to live there.

Then there’s the beach – Elviria offers a dreamy beachside experience with its powdery sand and pristine waters, making it an ideal spot for beach lounging. The opportunity to own a beachfront property and the ease of access to beaches make living by the coast highly attractive. This makes it an ideal spot for those looking to live near the sea or invest in real estate with a view of sand and water.

The convenience – This area is famous for its extravagant features and infrastructure, providing you with exclusive amenities. Elviria is no stranger to a share of luxury and quality services. There are prestigious beach clubs, elevated hotels, excellent golf courses, plus an abundance of dining options. Both local residents and visitors will have access to world-class amenities and facilities here.

Santa Maria Golf Course Elviria
Santa Maria Golf Course Elviria

There is no shortage of golf courses – Golfers will love Elviria, as the area is full of incredible golf courses like Santa Maria Golf Club and Greenlife Golf. No surprise then, that it’s a paradise for any golfer. Golfers who are drawn to its reputation as a golf destination frequently search for real estate with world-class fairways nearby. This has created a strong need for golf-related properties, resulting in great investment opportunities.

Conservationists won’t be disappointed. In Elviria, nature is all around you – the area boasts lush greenery, rolling hills and stunning parks that are perfect for outdoor activities. Those living and visiting the area are presented with the chance to get out and explore the great outdoors, as activities like hiking, mountain biking, and horse riding are all available. This makes it an even more attractive destination for those who crave spending time outdoors.

Bus, Taxi or Car? The A7 sees that access to Elviria’s infrastructure is well-established. Furthermore, there are plenty of dependable utilities. Using the transport network is both pleasurable and efficient.

The proximity to Malaga International Airport and easy access from the airport to neighbouring Fuengirola by train (and a short bus journey thereafter) mean excellent connectivity to both national cities and international destinations.

Investment as a holiday rental. There are number of considerations which are outside the scope of this article. We’ll cover it in another one, however be aware that a selling agent is likely to be creative with the rental income that can be achieved. It is best to speak to a local property management company, as a good managing agent will help investors to get a feel for the local holiday rental market. They will be able to inform you of the costs involved.

Having said that, Elviria is a very popular tourist spot, so there is always a consistent need for short-term accommodation rentals. Investing in beachfront properties with golf courses nearby, is likely to bring great returns by capitalising on the holiday rental market. These types of properties are always going to have the potential to generate higher holiday rental yields.

If purchasing for investment, how stable is the real estate market? Real estate in Spain is relatively secure, plus the Marbella region, including Elviria, has a long history of drawing investors both domestically and from overseas. Spain is known for its stability and has laws & regulations in place that make property buying a secure process. Furthermore, buyers can trust the ownership regulations which further adds to the feeling of security.

How do I know If I’ll fit in with the culture? Elviria is a place with its own special blend of Spanish flair, international flavours, and an active foreign population. It’s a destination that you won’t want to miss out on! Living near Marbella’s abundance of amenities increases the lifestyle quality and has become a fundamental advantage for those looking to buy property. It also attracts people from all walks of life to the area.

To conclude. Everything we’ve covered here makes Elviria stand out as a great investment hotspot, because of certain unique elements. It boasts strong capital appreciation prospects and residents do experience an exceptional quality of life. This gives potential buyers the motivation to identify desirable property and benefit from an area with good growth potential.

In our next article, we’ll look at an overview of the property market in Elviria.

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