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Rental Property Marbella – Viewings & What to Look For

Choosing holiday rental property in Marbella is very different from considering a property to purchase. It is also a different proposition when planning to rent for a longer period of time. In general the shorter the period of the intended stay, the less concerned the tenant will be about structure, and size, with the focus set on nearby amenities, venues and attractions.

Most of the time short stays are typified by rushing from one attraction or activity to another. Very little time is spent in the room anyway. Other than a comfortable bed, very little about the room is all that important.

With rental property, especially holiday rental property, the single most important factor is location. A beach front property has definite advantages. Having a major attraction right outside the room, and a beautiful view besides can make for a wonderful vacation experience. Add to this a nearby restaurant or two, some retail shopping areas, and a few nearby attractions and you have the makings of a perfect vacation.

When it comes to accommodations and property for rent in Marbella however, there are unimagined luxuries, and amazing adventures in every accommodation opportunity. Selecting a your rental property in Marbella is truly just a matter of taste, because they are all wonderful in uniquely different ways.

The biggest decision when choosing a rental property in Marbella
Choosing between the waterfront and the white village is a no brainer for most people, based on their taste, but many people enjoy each one and wouldnt even consider the other. They are vastly different experiences for vastly different interests.

If you love history, and would love an opportunity to live in an authentic 14th century village home, of course you would prefer the white village. If you do not mind a tiny kitchen makeshift kitchen, and only want to soak up the ambiance of a bygone era, the white village promises to bring apparitions of the ancient past. And of course, if you want to go down and see the beach it really isnt that far.

On the other hand if you love luxury, excitement and glamour the beach scene is for you. The beachfront condos feature the finest in modern amenities, and all the comforts that the extremely wealthy enjoy. Youll still have the option of driving to a white village for the day if you decide to have a look.

Choosing between Town, Choosing between Villages
Once you’ve determined your choice between the white villages and the beach, your next choice is which Town. Marbella is one of the most famous beachfront towns, but there are many others. Again it is a matter of taste because they are all fabulous. Fuengirola is an area steeped in ancient history, with attractions both inside and outside the ancient city walls. There are many amazing white villages. They all look amazingly similar, but each has a slightly different flavor. In the end the choice is yours, and there is no wrong decision.

Before selecting a rental property in Marbella, decide which of these amenities are most important for your holiday:

– Number of beds
– Number of separate bedrooms
– A kitchen
– Seating areas
– Nearby restaurants
– Nearby taverns or pubs
– Nearby venues and attractions
– Shopping opportunities nearby

As you can see property rentals Marbella has amazing levels of accommodation. It is up to you to choose which sort of experience you prefer for your holiday.

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