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Rental Property And Spanish Law

Renting a property in the Costa del Sol directly from the owner requires some understanding of Spanish law. Spanish rental law is completely defined in the document “Law of Urban Letting” It includes all the rules of property rental Costa del Sol, as well as the rest of Spain. If in doubt contact a Spanish attorney who specialises in real estate law. Real estate law varies from one country to another, so be sure that you understand the agreement before you sign. The lease must include detailed information identifying the landlord and tenant, and the following:

– A description of the property to rent in Costa del Sol
– The length of time the lease is for
– The amount of rent and any other terms concerning payment
– Any other provisions on which both parties agree concerning the property

Duration of Leases for rental property Costa del Sol

There are two types of rental agreements for property in Costa del Sol, short term and long term. Short term, rental agreements are for a period of one year or less, and long term agreements are for a period of more than one year. Different laws apply to each type of agreement. Property to rent in Costa del Sol is usually short term. At the end of a short term rental agreement, the tenant is expected to vacate the property.

Long term rental agreements automatically renew for a specified period, at the time the lease expires, unless the parties involved wish to end the lease. The tenant has the right not to renew the lease, but the landlord may not decline renewal unless the lease is over five years old. Then he must give the tenant notice a full 30 days before the lease expires again if he does not wish to renew.

Rent and Deposit Details for Property in the Costa del Sol

A deposit of one month’s rent is customary, just as in other countries to guarantee against damages. Rent in Costa del Sol is designed to automatically increase or reduce with the inflation index over the first five years of a lease. After the first five years, rent will remain constant for each rental contract period.

Grounds for eviction from rental property in Costa del Sol

The Following are Grounds for Termination of a Lease for rental property in Costa del Sol. A court order must be obtained by the landlord in order to make these charges and evict the tenant.

– Failure to pay the rent or deposit
– Sublets property without the landlord’s consent
– Deliberate damage to the property
– Undertaking repairs without the landlord’s consent
– Becoming a nuisance to neighbourhood

If you are planning to rent property Costa del Sol, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the Spanish Law of Urban Letting. If you should encounter problems be sure to contact a Spanish attorney who specialises in this law. The Spanish laws of tenancy are very fair and lenient, as long as you understand them prior to leasing rental property in Costa del Sol.

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