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Your Choice of Property Management Company In Marbella

Should I instruct a property manager for my Marbella holiday rental?

If you value your time, instructing a property management company in Marbella is the only efficient way of keeping tabs on your property. Especially, If you are marketing your property as a holiday rental.

They will need to be local to the villa or apartment. Why? Local relationships. But we’ll deal with this a little later on.

Unless you have the time and organisational skills to manage bookings, cleaning, repairing and providing a laundry service to guests, these activities are going to become an unwelcome inconvenience.

In order to create this service yourself, you would need many talented and skilled individuals – all lined up to take care of your property, and then managed by an individual you could trust.

Grouping together and managing these activities is going to undoubtedly work out more expensive than using a property management company. In fact, unless you have family or close friends available who do not mind managing your business for you, there is really no alternative. Especially if you are hundreds of miles away.

Most people would prefer not to be burdened with such a task, unless they were well compensated. Even with the best will in the world, problems may arise which may be beyond their scope.

Unlike a property management service, they may not have a list of repairmen on call in case something unexpected goes wrong.

Local Relationships

It can be very difficult to persuade a repairman to come out in the middle of the night on a Saturday for an individual client.

But local repairmen who have contracts with a property management company in Marbella are more likely to want to keep customers of the property management service as a satisfied customer, as the expectation of future work is always there. Connections and regular business are the backbone of successful enterprise.

With these natural safeguards in place, tradesmen are more likely to go to great lengths to make things right for your property and your tenants.

We define our property management service as one that that deals with issues as if we owned the property ourselves.

In turn, this offers safeguards which could save you thousands of euro’s in repairs or even irreparable damage. Imagine an off season pipe burst in your Marbella holiday rental, that went undiscovered for weeks?

Problems, what problems?

What would happen if squatters broke in and trashed your place right before the tenants arrived? This is a regular occurrence in Marbella for vacant properties, and those that ‘appear’ vacant.

What would happen if your holidaymakers encountered a serious problem with the air conditioning unit, and required immediate service?

Or a new oven element failed in a family holiday villa on their first day? And it was Friday. Who are you going to call?

All these problems and more are handled promptly and efficiently by a credible property manager. As property management specialists, we employ all sorts of experts and handymen, from electricians to plant care operatives.


We offer a full service for a villa or apartment. Watering your plants, fixing broken appliances, and washing the sheets and towels mid stay, or after each guest.

We will check your property as often as necessary to make sure that it is safe and well maintained. In the case of a longer term rental, we will answer phone calls from tenants to insure their complaints and repair problems are handled promptly.

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