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Renting Out Your Marbella Property

Letting out property in a foreign country requires compiling a good mix of different services. There are many different services available for rental property in Marbella. You may not need every service listed below, depending on your circumstances, but if you plan to live in the UK and rent property in Marbella, obviously you will require help to assist your tenants with any problems they may encounter and keep the property maintained.

Legal Services
You may require the services of a Spanish real estate lawyer to draw up the lease agreements, as well as a working knowledge of Spanish real estate law. You can read all Spanish real estate law in one document, called the Laws of Urban Letting. Still Spanish lawyers are invaluable.

Property Management Marbella
You may employ a property management company in Marbella in order to make sure your property is maintained and prepared for each new tenant. Property management services manage, maintain and clean your property between each tenant, and check on it regularly even if it is not rented. Services include a weekly inspection of the property, checking for humidity and moisture, testing appliances and fixtures, watering the plants, cleaning and laundry service, and checking the property after storms to look for damage. They even collect the mail, and forward it to you. There are many property management services in Marbella, and Fuengirola as well as most other cities in Costa del Sol.

Rental agents and Letting Agents Marbella
It only makes sense to use rental and letting agents in Marbella for marketing purposes. Letting agents and rental agents in this area, can let out your properties without any further effort on your part. Trying to let out the property yourself could be quite costly and time consuming, unless you just happen to have 40 or 50 friends ready to take every single week for a vacation to Marbella every year. Letting agencies handle a great many different properties, and allow the renter to choose which rental properties they prefer. Having a big selection might seem like competition for your property, but in fact it provides prospective tenants with convenience rather than having to search out every single property individually till they find yours. The letting agent has a much greater chance of letting out your property each week than you would. You can still claim weeks for your family and friends, but they rent out the rest. By creating searchable data on rentals, and an easy way of determining vacancy, the letting agents website brings in a lot more traffic than individual properties could attract.

It may be possible to find companies who combine some of these services, or you may be able to hire your own maintenance people in Marbella. There may be more options which are peculiar to your situation including perhaps a neighbour who could manage your property while you are away, but whichever services you choose, you will need someone to check on your property, clean it and repair it, and you will also need someone to let the property. You will also need help creating and cataloging your letting contracts. Using services that are already in place for these tasks can be very convenient, both for you and for the tenants.

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