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How to Find your Ideal Rental Tenant in Marbella

Renting by the week is often a high revenue way to let a house or flat, but not everyone is comfortable having a parade of strangers living in their house. There are actually many people who would prefer to have one long term tenant house sit for them until they are ready to retire to their dream home property in Costa del Sol. They would like a single tenant, who is neat and reliable to lease their property for years.

Real Estate Agents in Marbella
So how can you find this perfect tenant? One of the best ways is to list your home with a reliable and exclusive real estate agent. Real Estate letting agents in Marbella tend to be focused on  short term arrangements, but real estate agents who are normally involved in handling property for sale in Marbella, usually come across people who eventually elect to rent property long term, rather than purchase.

Stay in Marbella till you find a Tenant
Another alternative is to seek a tenant yourself, by placing ads and interviewing each tenant. If you feel that you are a good judge of character, or just want someone you personally like to stay in your home, this might be the best option. Interviewing prospective tenants can be a tedious process, but if you are picky about who is living in your home, its better to be sure. Dont forget to run credit checks, and ask for references, including a list of the tenants previous landlords, and their employer.

Drawing up a Lease for Property rental Marbella
You will want to employ a Spanish real estate attorney to draw up a lease agreement for the property. Make sure that your obligations as a landlord are clearly defined by the attorney, and that likewise the tenants responsibilities are outlined. Long term property rental in Costa del Sol is a complex legal issue which requires an attorney, especially for a foreign landlord, or tenant who is not accustomed to Spanish real estate law.

Repairs and Property management in Marbella
You may need property management in Marbella to take care of repairs, and check on the property from time to time, but you should be able to get a reduced rate, since you will not need many of their services for a long term tenant. Discuss with your tenant which services he will likely need or want. At the very least he will want repairs done. Spanish real estate law is very clear on the fact that the tenant cannot do their own repairs without permission from the landlord. Speak with your real estate attorney for details and possible repair solutions which are agreeable to both parties.

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