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Choosing a Good Marbella Rental Agent

Whether you are looking at a long term rental on your Marbella property, or something more short term such as a holiday rental, there are many criteria for selecting a good Marbella rental agent to handle your affairs. It all depends on your priorities. Of the things that rental and letting agents do, which are most important to you?

1. Keep your Marbella property rental booked solid, for maximum income
2. Make sure tenants are responsible enough to protect your property
3. Keep your clientele exclusive, perhaps catering to a certain type of tenant
4. Reserve your property for your family and friends for certain weeks

Keeping it Rented
If your primary aim is to keep your property booked, just see which websites rank best with Google. Run various searches, such as rental property Marbella, and property rental Marbella and so forth to find out which rental and letting agents appear on the first page of the search. Now go to each of their sites, check for ease of use, and number of properties. Secondly call these various letting agents and estate agents in the Marbella area and find out the rest of their marketing plan. Do they list with travel agents all over the world? Do they advertise in travel magazines or host TV commercials? How are they marketing their properties? Ask questions to determine what their success in keeping their properties rented. Read an online resource, such as renting out your Marbella property. Once you have the information on each service, simply determine which Marbella Rental and property letting agents have the most strategic marketing plan, and the highest rate of rentals per listed properties.

Insuring that Tenants are not going to Damage the Property
Ask various letting agents in Marbella how they check out perspective tenants. Find out what their policy is for preventing and compensating for property damage. If protecting your property is your primary concern, you may not wish to use one of the most popular web marketing rental agencies and may instead prefer a more exclusive rental agency. Some Marbella rental agents have a more targeted clientele, satisfying the same clients year after year. While a service like this may not keep your property rented every single week they are more likely to rent to people who will not trash your house.

Attracting the Rich and Famous
If you want your property to be considered by famous stars and starlets you should choose very exclusive letting agents, and have a top notch property, which is kept in excellent condition by a good property management company in Marbella. Avoid those letting agents that cater to the general public if you want to host a leading jet set hideaway.

Staying in Your Own Vacation Home
Being able to book your own property is a mater of individual company policy. Simply ask about how easy it is to use your own property specifically any time you want, or how much notice you would need to give, in order to stay at your own place.

Often it is not a matter of finding the best letting agents in Marbella, it is a matter of choosing the best letting agents or estate agents for your personal preferences. Consider what is important to you and the type of people you want to handle your rental property in Marbella.

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