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Your Marbella Property Viewings – How To Make Them Productive

Marbella property for sale can now be purchased at extremely low prices because of recent economic factors. Right now there are many Marbella properties that can be purchased for about half of their original purchase value, but eventually the prices will go up again. It is possible to double your investment over time, and a gain will be seen in the near future. In the meantime renting the property could help offset the mortgage payments.

The best way to start shopping for property for sale in Marbella is online. You can see photos, compare prices and read descriptions of all the available properties without leaving the comfort of your home. Always call for more information, and build relationships with real estate agents who may know of other unlisted properties as well. Gather a portfolio of information on the various Property for sale in Marbella and the surrounding areas.

Investigate builders of the newer properties and find out as much as you can about the quality of construction. Often it is hard to tell how well a property is built just by looking at one unit. Find out the reputations of the builders, and learn about other properties they have constructed. It might be a good idea to view some older properties by the same builders, to see how they have held up.

As for the historic properties learn about their past, and the techniques used to build and repair them. This information may be valuable both to learn more about the properties and to discover the signs of deterioration and structural problems they may have.

Once you have compiled a list of your Marbella properties you’d like to see, schedule a long holiday to leisurely view property for sale:)  Bring along a friend who is well versed in construction and real estate. Rent a condo in one of the complexes you are considering buying into, or if your tastes run more classical, rent a beautiful home in one of the white villages to get the feel of the area. Before you leave, make appointments to view all of the Marbella property for sale you can.

On arrival in Marbella, or in fact many of the surrounding towns, you’ll be swept away by the sensual pleasures of the coastal sun on one side. Then there’s the powerful historic energy of the white villages on the hillsides. While it will be tempting just to soak up the sun and local atmosphere, you must spend at least some of your time on holiday viewing the properties you selected to view.

When researching Marbella property for sale, don’t just look at the unit you want to purchase, look at the entire complex and see how it is constructed. Property can be rated on several different features including:

– Quality of Construction
– Favorable Location
– Beauty, Luxury and Comfort
– Overall Desirability
– The Marketing Plan of the Complex and the City

Marbella is one of the most beautiful and well promoted beach cities offering real estate in Costa del Sol. There are many exciting amenities, venues and attractions in Marbella. Likewise Fuengirola is one of the best known of the white cities of Andalusia. Fuengirola has a lot to offer, and some of the most beautiful historic homes.

No matter what the nature of your purchase, rest assured that your investment is a sound one. Buying low and selling high is the greatest principle of investment. Today’s prices on property in Costa del Sol are incredibly low and will no doubt increase in the near future.

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