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How To Find Property For Sale In Marbella

Your search for property for sale in Marbella will probably begin online by researching other towns, the various condominium, villas  complexes and individual properties available. You can easily learn about the history of surrounding areas and the types of homes available in each property location.

Towns in the Costa Del Sol
There are two basic types of towns in Costa Del Sol, and while each is magical in its own way, they are very different from each other. One type of housing can be found in the modern beachfront areas, such as Marbella. Others are the austere and historic white villages nestled on the mountains. These two types of town are not at all distant from one another, so that you can easily see both when you visit. As a matter of fact, the ocean shores are visible from the rooftop terraces of many white villages. The mountains and the shore are amazingly near one another making Marbella a great choice for a holiday rental property.

Ocean Front Property for Sale In Marbella And The Costa Del Sol
The properties in Marbella the coastal cities located on the beach fronts are very modern, very luxurious, and have an amazingly vibrant feel. The beach front property for sale in Costa Del Sol is very similar to properties found in other affluent and prestigious beaches around the world. These condos and homes were intended for wealthy jet setters, movie stars and even world class criminals who had made their fortune and come to retire in Marbella because they could not easily be extradited from there. The heady energy of the sea and the strong costal breeze, in cities like Marbella, seem to encourage a lavish and hedonistic lifestyle of self indulgence, previously known only to the wealthy.

Pueblos Blancos – The White Villages
There is a sharp contrast between the waterfront, and the austere white villages found in the hills surrounding the coast. Here 13th through 15th century villages remain, much as they were 600 years ago. Quaint narrow streets and a friendly village atmosphere surround residents and tourists alike. Pubs, taverns and restaurants line the streets, along with retail establishments. Amazingly many of these ancient homes and businesses are for sale, at extremely reasonable prices. The homes found in the white village are a bit unusual in configuration. They feature a tiny but efficient kitchen dining room and small sitting room on the ground floor. This area was once the cooking and tool storage area and hundreds of years ago it also served as a place where livestock was kept. Upstairs are sleeping quarters and more sitting rooms. Often these homes have three floors. Yet these homes are very tiny, usually much narrower than they are tall. The walls of these simple dwellings are over a foot thick, and meant to withstand a medieval siege.

Palatial Estates
There are homes for sale in Costa del Sol which could best be described as palaces. These true luxury estates offer world class architectural genius of design, and an unprecedented degree of luxury. Prices on these estates are understandably expensive, but overall well below average for homes of this quality elsewhere in the world, and also much more reasonable than they were in past decades.

Once you have decided which type of property in Marbella you are most interested in, you should compile a list of well priced properties you’d like to consider. Call agents for more information on Marbella property for sale. Make arrangements to view the properties that interest you, remember a good agent can save you a lot of time and in an area perhaps unknown to you relationships can make all of the difference.

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