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Finding the Ideal Marbella Property To Rent Or Buy

Just think, the beaches are the same, the quaint white villages are the same, only the world economy has changed. As a long term bet, property to rent in Marbella is always likely to be popular.

What’s happened in Costa Del Sol?
A few years ago, the number of rental properties could not meet the demand. Jet set world travelers loved rental property in neck of the woods, so developers swarmed into the area to cash in on potential profits. Then the economy changed and even the wealthy started taking fewer and less extravagant holidays. Meanwhile, new Marbella property to rent (and for sale) flooded the market. Eventually though, demand will increase again, here on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And the beautiful and historic white villages will again draw history buffs from around the world. If one has the money to invest, it is a great time to invest in Marbella property.

Historic Property for sale Marbella and the Costa Del Sol
Some of the most fascinating properties for sale are the ancient homes in the white villages. These properties are selling for less than half of their usual price, and even drastically below the price one would expect they would bring, due to their historical value.
Many of the tall slender white homes within the white villages are for sale. There are even homes in beautiful, historic Fuengirola. Imagine owning one of these 13th century Moorish homes. These thick walled structures, designed to stand up under siege are virtually indestructible and have some lovely architectural details. They make great rentals for those who love history. These cities have a lovely, timeless atmosphere which will make owners long to take some holiday time in their own rentals.

Modern property to Buy in Marbella
Of course the beach front condos are amazing as well. Beautiful apartments offer views of the beach front on one side, and the beautiful mountainside and white cities on the other. There are some of the most fabulous views imaginable from the top some of these complexes. These apartments are glamorously designed for the wealthiest European jet setters but the prices are unprecedentedly low.

Incredible Estate Property in Marbella
Amazing mansions are also available. Even though no one could say they are inexpensive the price has come down to almost half of normal property values. These Marbella properties feature amazing fountains on their front lawns, and fabulous seven or eight bedroom mansions.

Right now the area is a buyers market. Prices for property have been cut in half, and there is plenty of great Marbella property to rent or buy, but this trend will not last. Now is the time to invest in property to rent in Marbella and the Costa Del Sol. Buying in this economy could be the investment of a lifetime. Whether you choose an ancient home in Fuengirola, a fabulous beachfront condo in glamorous Marbella. Or even a beautiful mansion the prices are right for rental, eventual resale or even for your own enjoyment. The market for real estate in Marbella is just right for long term investment and huge profits, when the market recovers.

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